More catering for Funshop customers

Polish company Scallier has signed a number of lease agreements with food and beverage tenants for two retail parks of its Funshop Park network in Romania.

The new tenants include City Doner for its Funshop Park in Roșiorii de Vede (about 120 km southeast of Bucharest), as well as Dabo Doner and Bun de Tot for Scallier’s park in Focșani (app.. 185 km northeast of Bucharest).

Food & beverage tenants have been increasingly making their presence felt in retail parks – and in Romania this trend is especially evident. Compared to Poland, we have been seeing much greater interest from tenants for space intended for restaurants or other gastronomic formats. This is due to the different expectations of the local communities here that are the main customers of such centres.
Wojciech Jurga, the partner at Scallier responsible for the company’s expansion on the Romanian market.

The Funshop Park in Roșiorii de Vede (6,200 sqm) is scheduled to come into use at the turn of the third and fourth quarters of this year, while the park in Focșani (5,000 sqm) is to open in the fourth quarter.


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