More food & beverage tenants in Funshop Parks

Polish company Scallier, which is developing a network of retail parks in Romania, has signed a number of lease agreements for two new Funshop Parks – in Roșiorii de Vede and in Focșani, both of which are already at advanced stages of development. The Funshop Park in Roșiorii de Vede (6,200 sqm) is scheduled to come into use at the turn of the third and fourth quarters of this year, while the park in Focșani (5,000 sqm) is to open in the fourth quarter. The new tenants signing these contracts are Vibe (in Roșiori, which will also include a City Doner restaurant) as well as Dabo Doner and Bun de Tot (in Focșani). The restaurants will offer customers the opportunity to eat multi-course meals in the retail parks as well as pick up takeaways – a delicious burger, for example. More Funshop retail parks are to open in new locations in 2022.

“Food & beverage tenants have been increasingly making their presence felt in retail parks – and in Romania this trend is especially evident. Compared to Poland, we have been seeing much greater interest from tenants for space intended for restaurants or other gastronomic formats. This is due to the different expectations of the local communities here that are the main customers of such centres,” explains Wojciech Jurga, the partner at Scallier responsible for the company’s expansion on the Romanian market.

“Restaurants and social zones of various kinds have been embraced by Romanian consumers. The residents of small and medium-sized Romanian towns and cities are eager to take advantage of such amenities offered by modern retail, as when out shopping they are more than happy to spend time in a restaurant or in play areas with their children,” points out Adrian Aleman, Scallier’s Development Director in Romania. “Another important fact is that Funshop Parks are being built in locations where there is a shortage of modern retail space. Our centres offer opportunities for well-known retailers to open close to customers in locations where such chains have previously been absent. In turn, the residents of smaller towns will be able to make the kind of purchases that they have only been able to buy in larger cities until now,” adds Adrian Aleman.

“We have been receiving many enquiries from potential tenants, some of whom have already signed contracts with us. In Roșiori, after four months of construction we already have 80% of the available space leased. While at Focșani we started the construction work last month and have already secured contracts for half of the available space,”reveals Wojciech Jurga.

The largest tenants to have already signed contracts to open stores in Funshop Parks are Sinsay, KiK, Jysk, Pepco and Flanco. Advanced negotiations are also underway regarding the lease of space in parks that are scheduled to open in 2022. “In taking care of the standard of our centres we will certify them under the BREEAM environmental system, in order to emphasise their exceptional quality, sustainability and our special approach to local communities,”adds Wojciech Jurga.


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