Polish company plans to develop six retail parks in smaller Romanian cities by 2022

Polish company Scallier plans to develop six new retail parks in smaller Romanian cities by 2022.

The six projects will have a total leasable area of 40,000 sqm. The new chain, branded Funshop Park, includes compact facilities tailored to the needs of local communities.

“A characteristic feature of these projects will be a diversified gastronomical service offer, it’s an expectation of Romanian customers. This, among other things, distinguishes Polish parks from those implemented in Romania,” said Wojciech Jurga, Managing Partner at Scallier responsible for the company’s development on the Romanian market.

“We decided to implement projects in Romania due to how similar this market is to the Polish market, as well as the special moment in time where this country is now. Romania is in a place where Poland was about 10 years ago. The wealth of residents is growing, and the offer of modern retail space is very limited. In many cities with tens of thousands of people, there are no such spaces at all,” Jurga added.

Scallier plans to draw Polish retailers to open shops in its retail parks.

The Poznan-based developer has been active on the Polish market for nearly ten years. The company has 54 properties under management in Poland worth about EUR 125 mln, according to data available on its website.

Source: www.romania-insider.com

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