Sinsay sashays into Funshop Park

A 1,500 sqm Sinsay store is to open in Funshop Park in Roșiorii de Vede in southern Romania.

The clothing brand, which is owned by Polish fashion group LPP, will feature in the retail park from its opening, which is scheduled for Q3 this year. The project is one of six Funshop Parks being developed by Polish company Scallier in Romania.

Funshop Park is a format specifically adapted to the needs of local inhabitants. We want the retail parks to meet the basic needs of local communities, but also provide shopping opportunities that used to be available only in larger cities, often after a long ride. Funshop Parks will change this situation. In Rosiorii de Vede, right next to our park, a modern Lidl chain store is being created, and in the parks themselves, on top of retail, catering and services, customers will also enjoy recreational facilities, such as safe playgrounds. Our ambition is to make Funshop Parks local hotspots that will play commercial as well integration and recreational roles.
Wojciech Jurga, a managing partner of Scallier

By the end of 2022, Scallier is aiming to have completed around 40,000 sqm gla of such retail space in small and medium cities across Romania.


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